June 6, 2017 Business 0

If you have not heard by now, let us repeat the message as loudly and clearly as we can. It is essential that you give serious consideration towards starting up your own business today. Perhaps not right away, but definitely something in the pipeline for the future. But the sooner you begin the process; the better off you will be, in more ways than one. Sooner or later, people will lose their jobs. Today, on average, the severance packages will not be sufficient to sustain them for more than a couple of years.

The design of the severance package was to always compensate those who lost their job through no fault of their own and to tie them over until such time that they are able to walk into another sustainable job. But in these unsteady times, no nine to five office job or factory job can be considered stable or secure. Nearly twenty years into the twenty first century, it is high time that all average Joes and Sally’s begin to learn how to become a business owner.

If their mommas and poppas could do it, then so can they. In fact, today’s job leavers have never had it this easy. Unlike their predecessors who always had to learn the hard way and without the privilege of a good business school education, freely available help, mostly online, is accessible to all and sundry. Interested readers have already begun the process of signing up for a potentially lucrative franchise or a rewarding new career aligned directly with today’s paradigms of the Internet of Things and the green market economies.

Whether as a franchise operator or sole owner, it is beginning to make sense to invest in new technologies or processes that are going to be essential in the future.